MentorFX complies with the strictest regulatory standards so as to serve the purpose of preventing Fraud and Money Laundering, as well as protecting the integrity of your trading account.

All information is kept in strict confidentiality and each client is carefully checked during the onboarding process in the International PEP and Sanction list. Each ID, Driver License or Passport Number are checked in the database of Internal Affairs Ministries of each country.

In accordance with MiFID rules and the KYC policy of our company, we collect the following documents before deposit of any amount to the account, regardless the transaction amount:

Document Submission Requirements:

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Address
  • The KYC documents have to be provided during the process of registration and account opening. Before Mentor FX receive (1). Proof of identity, which can be International passport, ID card or Driver’s License clear picture or a copy (both sides are required for ID card) and (2). Clear picture of Proof of residence (proof of address), which can be utility bill, bill for water, electricity or landline phone or bank statement – all received by post and 4 corners of the document should be visible, the company will not enable the account for trading. Mentor FX reserves its rights to request other or additional documents during the onboarding process, if the officers consider it is obligatory, or also reject authorization of any individual, in case the requested documents don’t correspond to the company standards above, or other reasons considered by the onboarding officers.

Submission process

All documents have to be send via e-mail to: [email protected] or uploaded from the clients area in the web site. If you have any more questions about the onboarding process, please contact our customer service via chat.